FrankenJeep 2004 SE

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    Wrangler SE trim
    Bright Silver Metallic
    SE trim level
    Spray bombed the stock steel wheels with black paint
    Tire size increased to 235/75/15 Definity Dakota A/T very similar to BFG AT's
    Front brake shoes as well as rear brake wheel cylinders and pads are now from Autozone if that counts
    Replacing factory sway bar links with new Mopar parts spring 2017
    Not much other than keeping up with changing plugs, replacing filters. Couldn't find a replacement tube to connect the throttle body to the air filter setup so that's currently off the shelf Spectre parts from O'reilly's, Coil pack and wires changed out to a duralast from autozone,
    Will be returning to a Mopar coil pack or to an upgraded one
    Alternator, starter and power steering pump replaced
    Plan to add a cold air/snorkel
    1.25" Rough Country BL
    Grille has been removed and spray bombed black with bedliner and more black paint
    Oscar Mike decal added onto the hood
    Removed bumper end caps, currently left as open steel channel to make it easier to clean
    KC Apollo 5" driving lights added to front bumper
    Quadratec soft top to replace the original

    More exterior mods bolted on the weekend of 4/9/17 for his Mom's birthday presents <3
    9500lb Smittybilt Winch and High rise plate
    Tow Hooks (will change them again for better functionality) or just get a bumper with d rings
    52" LED light bar

    Planning to change out flares to flat versions or go with a Metalcloak package
    Owner purchased without rear seat, later added one she found on Craigslist for $100
    Gearshift knob removed, changed to a 13 billiard ball.
    Switches for Aftermarket KC's and LED light bar installed to look like it came off the lot that way.

    Neoprene seat covers with Jeep logo from Quadratec
    Floor Mats with Jeep logo that I saved from my first wrangler (Bruiser)
    Jeep logo steering wheel cover because hey you can never have too much stuff that says Jeep when you're in your Jeep :)
    Pioneer receiver with usb connectivity, 4x6 speakers in dash and 6.5 speakers in the factory plastic pods
    Wiring is there for an amp and sub since owner had a bazooka tube in there at one point and yes the fuse is pulled and main disconnected from the battery
    Frank first came into my life one cold October night when I met his mother at the local Home Depot store in the town we live in. He was bone stock with the exception of the stereo, rear seat addition and his transmission that had to be replaced in Ohio (done at dealer shop with paperwork) when it failed on the return trip his mother made from California to New Hampshire with her 2 children and her dog to escape an abusive relationship.

    Fast forward a few years from that evening and I can look back and remember when his mother took him to the doctor for his timing belt and a new set of plugs (which by the way I needed to reset the gap on after the "mechanic" put them in without checking.. UGh! I knew then that I would be taking over most of the repairs to be done to this little dude and decided to make him my built not bought project. Especially after taking into consideration that when his mom first spotted him on the lot he only had 1 mile on the odometer. Yeah you read that correctly only 1 mile. The paperwork for the sale says 7 but that was after the test drive in which the salesman, YES the salesman drove him. Why? Because his mom couldn't drive stick. Her Dad had to drive him off the lot because she was bound and determined to have a manual shift Jeep which she taught herself to drive pretty well if I might add. While unbolting the grille to make more room to change out his power steering pump one day I decided to bedline it and spray bombed the stock steel wheels while I was at it. I've changed out the plugs and wires a few times, air filter every spring, the rear brakes once or twice, coil, starter, front axle forward u-joint, alternator, front shoes and of course the light bulbs whenever they burn out.

    He gets little gifts here and there around his mom's birthday and Christmas, such as his new stereo receiver, seat covers, body lift, kc driving lights and pretty much all the mods he gets. His mother racks up about 25,000 miles a year on him with her employer so he often takes precedence over other things that I want to see done to my own Jeep ((Layla) the dirty pavement princess)). One day Frank's going to be my daily driver/woods rig taking over Layla's spot and affording me the opportunity to throw money at her like a stripper and do some more intensive restoration repairs to her. But for now, Frank's got a lot more miles to go before he can go on the life of leisure.

    Just installed a new headlight bucket on his driver side and he gave me a fit about wanting to install 2 new mopar sway bar end links. That's ok Frank, I'll just zip those bolts out with an impact and you'll be right as rain. Those darned torx bit screws for your windshield hinges though, those are going to require a little more creativity since they didn't want to come out so I could install a light bar. But you did get a little shot of testosterone with the addition of a new 9500lb winch I put on for your Mom's Birthday.

    Now for some recovery points since the high rise winch plate made me have to switch sides for the factory style tow hooks I put on. Placed them way too close to the lights on the bumper for my tastes.

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  1. JoKer
    Enjoyed reading the story behind this one. Love the muddin pic!
    1. JeepinGeorge
      Thanks :) That particular day I had his mom riding shotgun and showed her just what her stock Jeep could do. In other words, I beat the snot out of him LOL
      JeepinGeorge, Apr 10, 2017